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In 2016, Tímea was awarded an Assistantship by the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Department of Political Science and began her journey to become the next great Public Administrator!

Her graduate studies focused on identifying social and institutional disparities, fostering an environment that values inclusion and promoting community engagement.

As this portfolio will reflect, Tímea consistently and intentionally addresses politically relevant and divisive social issues, analyzes policies in a thoughtful and purposive manner, and communicates clear policy recommendations.

Of the recurring themes throughout the core and elective courses, is how to identify, improve, and inform the public with applied, analytical and administrative skillsets.

With equitable issue framing and problem definition, efficient policy design and effective implementation processes, MPA students are taught to develop feasible approaches to strategic intervention in public, private, and non-profit sectors.

In addition to the traditional coursework and active-learning lectures, the program offers a variety of service learning projects to supplement the MPA experience. With these projects, students have direct contact with community partners and their clients.

These practical experiences also test the ability to work with peers, clients, and supervisors to achieve collective goals and demonstrate a capacity to deliver professional quality reports and presentations.

The following portfolio illustrates how a graduate of the BGSU Master of Public Administration program meets or exceeds a 15-point competency list as part of a national accreditation process.